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Results of the Requirements Survey for a KDE-wide Chat Solution

A week ago, I wrote my previous blog post about a survey I had set up, to figure out how important each of the requirements we had collected for a common IM / chat solution for KDE is for us. All in all, 132 people followed my request to participate in the survey, and answered …

Konqi between chat solutions

The Quest for a Common Chat/IM Solution

A Free/ Open Source Software community usually uses several means of communication: Among them are email, forums, code review and bug tracking systems, nowadays also video chat systems, but one of the central communication channels is usually real-time text communication, also known as instant messaging or chat. Traditionally, IRC has been the cornerstone of chat …

Unified Communication – What KPeople and Nepomuk can do for you (in the future)

Most of the time within KDE I discuss things which are either already out there or in a design/ mockup stage, because those are the points where either I notice problems or developers have questions for me. From time to time, however, I just do a little “thinking outside the box” to come up with …

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