KDE Usability @ Akademy

A banner with the text "I'm going 2 Akademy" and "Brno University of Technology"

KDE Usability @ Akademy

I’m always excited to go to Akademy, but this year even more so than in previous years!

The reason for this is that I’m going to finally meet at least two guys whom I consider friends by now (Jens Reuterberg and Andrew Lake) in person for the first time ever!

But not only I m excited, everyone who is interested in usability should be, because we have quite a few things planned for you:

  • Björn Balazs will be doing a lightning talk Sunday morning about how to bridge the gap between the KDE community and our users.
  • In the afternoon, I will sneak into Jens Reuterberg’s talk on “The Designer and its habits” to present my idea of integrating one designer into each KDE project (I call them “resident designers”).
  • From Monday through Thursday, I’ve declared Room 3 as the “User Interface Design Room”. There you will find at almost any time at least one usability expert and one visual designer who will help you with all steps of human-centered design for your project, from the first step of creating a vision for your project, to creating a user research profile, down to the details of how to design a specific part of the user interface. Come to us, we’re all yours!
  • On Monday morning, we will also discuss how to proceed further from the ideas Björn presented during his talk, and in the afternoon we will discuss what developers and designers want and need from the KDE Human Interface Guidelines, so come join us to provide your input!

You can find all the details in the conference program and BoF schedule.

I am sure that Akademy will be crazy productive as always, looking forward to meeting you all in Brno!

A banner with the text "I'm going 2 Akademy" and "Brno University of Technology"


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