This is what we do if someone offers us some constructive criticism

This is what we do if someone offers us some constructive criticism

A whiteboard at the "Phoronix BoF" at Akademy
In July, Eric Griffith wrote an article at Phoronix where he compared Plasma and KDE Applications to GNOME and detailed where they do things better than us and what he finds annoying about our software. We don’t react to angry ranting, but Eric took the time to point out in detail where exactly we could do better, and I found that in many regards, he had a point.
We in KDE don’t ignore constructive feedback, so at Akademy, we set out to find solutions to the issues he pointed out. In order to maximize the reach of our efforts’ documentation, I decided to write a two-part series about it over at Linux Veda, a “web-magazine to share and spread knowledge about Linux and Open Source technologies” which has always been very interested in – and generally supportive of – KDE.
So far I’ve finished the first part, which covers the login screen, KWallet and media player applications.


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  1. egriffith92 says:

    I left a response in the linked article. If anyone has any comments / questions for me, please direct them to THAT article’s comment, so that we can try to keep them all together.

  2. Lack of any documentation on KWallet-PAM that an everyday user can understand is a huge huge problem. I have been trying for months to get KWallet-PAM to work on Fedora. I have made comments on bugzilla, forums, blogs, etc. but there has been just no reply at all.

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