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An overview of keyboard shortcuts printed on paper keys

Do Plasma users know all the useful shortcuts?

Dear reader, when Heiko Tietze and I discussed the usefulness of a user assistance feature that is being considered, we realized that we had very different assumptions about how well users know the keyboard shortcuts that KWin and Plasma offer. Although I know that the readership of my blog is not exactly representative of the …

Proposed dialog Choose Your Plasma Experience

Freedom Maximized!

UPDATE: This was an April fool’s post! However, we actually do plan to realize its basic idea. For more about that, see the next post Whenever you introduce bigger changes to something people like, you’re certain to leave some people behind. GNOME had that experience with GNOME 3, where the resentment from users unwilling to …

Leveraging the Power of Choice

People have quite varied opinions of Plasma and other KDE software, but most agree on one thing: When it comes to flexibility and offering choice for users, we’re unbeaten! This, however, comes with the danger of overburdening especially novice and casual users of our software with too many options. That fine line between too little …

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